Tuesday, December 8, 2015

3D Finish: 3D Illustration for Teaser KeyArt For Dreamworks: SING 2016.

I built the architectural facade in 3DSmax for the  Teaser Poster Key Art for Sing 2016.
Huge Hat-Tip to IMP awards.

3D Finish
3D Illustration for Teaser KeyArt For Dreamworks: SING 2016.

Client: Dreamworks. via Lassociates
Art Direction: Brian Christensen
Project Date: May 2015.

Last Spring, I worked with the highly talented team at L+A associates on the Theatrical Advertising work for Dreamworks next Aniamted film, to help create a 3D Illustration of a building and facade for a teaser poster that went to finish.[ Finish= Art is picked to go to final by client]

I was glad to see it on IMPawards, as the title for the film changed from the pre-production one, so the title I did was removed[ on a layer], and revised by LA, yet they used my architectural work with the new name SING incorporated into it for this finish.

Again, I am not authorized to show any of my 3D facade or 3D neon and bulb logo work details, so an online poster is all that is available to view.

                     Cheers, THOM

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